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What are butt plugs?


Toys for the bum


Butt plugs, also known as bum plugs or anal plugs, are sex toys meant to be inserted into the anus or rectum (the end of the intestines) for sexual arousal. They may be similar to dildos, but have important differences.

First, butt plugs have a flared end. This is important in preventing them from completely entering the anus and traveling up into the bowel. For this reason, it is not advisable to use dildos anally as medical attention may be required to remove ‘lost’ dildos.



Butt plug - Proud peacock silicone butt plug



Secondly, bum plugs are usually shorter than dildos in order to reduce chances that the delicate bowel, which is above the rectum. Anal plugs are also have a ‘waist’. This is so that the sphincter muscle can hold the plug in place.


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