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What are Anal Beads?


From beads to plugs...


Anal beads are made of a number of small beads attached together in a line. Used by both men and women, they are meant to be continuously inserted into the anus for pleasurable stimulation. To make this more interesting, some people like to put their anal beads in the freezer before use.

Like anal plugs, anal beads come in a variety of sizes and materials. As with other sex toys, smooth and seamless anal beads should be chosen to avoid the possibility of cuts and injury.

As for other anal sex toys, they should be used with a generous amount of lubricant. Small anal beads can be used by beginners as a transition to using butt plugs. For maximum effect, time the removal of the anal beads with your climax.



Anal Bead - X - 10 beads 






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