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Materials Used for Anal Plugs


Anal sex toys, including plugs come in all kinds of materials. Materials differ in rigidity, porosity, look and feel of objects. While rigidity, look and feel are a matter or personal preference, the porosity of the material used affects the sanitary safety of the object. Porous objects allow bacteria to develop in microscopic holes or pores, thus cleaning is more difficult. Naturally, the price also varies with the material used.

Another point to note is that materials differ in the kind of lubricant that should be used with them. See this page for a chart summarizing the suitability of oil, silicone or water-based lubricants for sex toys materials.




Silicone is a high-quality quality material that is smooth, durable, tasteless, ordourless and hypo-allergenic. It is  a flexible material. One advantage to silicone is that is nice to the touch and rapidly warms up to body temperature.

It is 100% non-porous and can be sterilized easily by boiling.


Butt plug - Tristan


Silicone Composites

There are also toys that contain silicone and other chemicals. They can contain 10% or more silicone. Some brands of silicone composites are Trueskin, TPR Siklicone, CyberSiliocone, and Loveclone RX, for example.

Since it silicone composites are combined with other materials, they are moderately porous, and can have a taste or smell.

Butt plug - Classic butt plug royal (Black)  


Being cheap, durable, soft and flexible, it is a popular material for anal plugs and sex toys in general. However, it does a distinct smell and taste that some people may not like.

It is also porous and more difficult to clean.

Probe - Anal toy single  


Wood makes for beautiful objects. Because of its hardness, be careful to avoid injury.

Wood is naturally porous and absorb liquid, and so are often treated with a protective sealant or finish. It is not recommended to leave wooden items in water for  longer periods of time since wet wood can mold. Wood can be cleaned with anti-bacterial soap.



Metal also makes for beautiful objects and is excellent for smooth sliding. Because of its hardness, be careful to avoid injury.

Metal is non-porous and can be disinfected in boiling water or bleach.


Butt plug - Pure plug



Jelly is  a general term used to refer to rubbery materials made of PVC or polyurethane, combined with other chemicals.

This material can be firm or softer, but all jelly is porous.


Butt plug - Gumdrops double bubble (Red)

Butt plug - 

UR3 raging butt plug (4 1/2 inches)  


These are plastic materials that mimic the look and feel of human skin. Some brands include Cyberskin, Futurotic Plus, UR3, and New supersoft, among others.

These materials are very porous and the most difficult to clean.

Glass Butt Plug - Bump juicer  

Pyrex Glass

Pyrex is brand of borosilicate glass. This type of glass is much more resistant to shattering and breaking than ordinary glass. Since glass is very smooth, it requires only a bit of lubricant to get it very slippery.

It is nonporous, easy to clean and can be sterilized in bleach or boiling water.




Crystalessence is a PVC-based jelly material that is soft and moderately flexible. It is non‑porous, but tends to attracts lint and small particles. However, lint can be easily rinsed with off water.


Butt plug - Tristan


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