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Tips for Choosing & Using Butt Plugs




Anal plugs are made out of a wide variety materials differing in rigidity, look, feel and ease of cleaning. For a good comparison of the pros, cons, safety and tactile properties of different materials used for butt plugs see this comparison article.




As with any anal penetration, use lots of lubricant. Plugs can be left in the bum for a long period of time, but can be painful to move around and to remove, if the lubricant dries up. It is thus suggested that lubricant is reapplied at least once an hour. For a review of lubricants appropriate for different kinds of plugs, see this page.


Slow & Gentle Goes It


Start off slowly and gently. Relax the sphincter muscles and breathe slowly. Anal beads are a good intermediary between using your fingers during anal play and progressing to a small bum plug (e.g. Little Flirt) or slim butt plug (e.g. Doc Johnson Slim Jr) before tackling the ones large in diameter (e.g. Triple Ripple Royal).




Covering a bum plug with a condom is an easy way of disposing of any feces that it may be come in contact with the plug. Some recommend a douche or enema first to reduce fecal matter and odours. Some even douche for pleasure. For hygiene reasons, butt plugs are not recommended for vaginal or oral use.




Butt plugs come not only in different diameters and lengths, but also in different forms. If you want a butt plug suitable for staying for a longer enjoyment, choose one with a bulbous head and a narrow ‘waist’ that will stay in place better. Other have handles for better control.

There are also butt plugs that are screw-shaped or in curved or unusual forms. Some of these are designed to message the prostate. Butt plugs can also have protrusions or ribs for extra stimulation.

To see a photo gallery of butt plugs of various shapes, click here.


In and Out


Often butt plugs are left in while pursuing other kinds of sexual pleasure. Plugs can also be rocked in and out for further stimulation. Some find ribbed plugs to provide the most intense sensations.




Of course, there exists models that vibrate too.




Wearing bum plugs for very long periods of time can decrease the elasticity of the muscles of the anal sphincter. As a consequence, with long sustained wear, it is possible that fecal incontinence occur. Kegel exercises can help restore anal muscles and sphincter function in this case.


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