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Prostate Massage


Butt Plugs & Prostate Massage


The prostate is a walnut-sized organ located underneath the urinary bladder. It stores seminal fluid and helps to expel semen during ejaculation, and thus plays an important role in the male orgasm. For this reason, it is also know as the 'p-spot' or the "male g-spot' Stimulation of the prostate is referred to prostate massage or prostate milking.

Some butt plugs and other anal sex toys are designed with prostate message in mind since it can augment male ejaculation and orgasm.



Prostate stimulator - Pfun 




It is recommended that the pressure on the prostate should be no more than that used when rubbing the eyes. Prostate massage, and especially with increased pressure, augment the risks of injury and the chance that bacteria or cancer cells being released into the bloodstream.

Many enthusiasts consider that the Aneros prostate massagers are the best on the market, however, it may provide too much stimulation for some, especially those with enlarged prostates.



Prostate stimulator - Aneros 




Although, fairly pricey, it gets good reviews. There are several different models, all very specifically designed for prostate massage.




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